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ICSCA 2017 | Feb 26-28, 2017 | Bangkok, Thailand

Session 1
Automatic Segmentation of Blood Vessels in Retinal Images using Morphological Filters
Presented by Sangita Dhondiba Bharkad
Government College of Engineering, Aurangbad, India

Session 2
Fault Tolerance Design for NoCs: Partial Virtual-Channel Sharing
Presented by Sa'ed Abed
Kuwait University, Kuwait

Session 3
A Predictive Model for Successful Software Development Projects with Information
Technology Strategic Alignment

Presented by Puttakul Sakul-Ung
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand

Session 4
Hybrid Classification Procedure Using SVM with LR on Two Distinctive Datasets
Presented by Turgay IBRIKCI
Cukurova University, Turkey