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Conference Venue

Prime Plaza Hotel, Sanur – Bali

Address: Jalan Hang Tuah No. 46 Sanur, The Island of Bali, 80228, Indonesia
Telp: +62 361 281781 Fax: +62 361 289166
Reservation E-mail:  reservation@sanur.pphotels.com / info@sanur.pphotels.com
Website : www.spph.pphotels.com


Applying for Indonesian Visa is Faster and Easier with e-Visa

More information you can refer to: https://visa-online.imigrasi.go.id/

The e-Visa application system will also facilitate future foreign tourists who wish to visit Indonesia after the pandemic, making a positive impact on the development of tourism and creative economy of Indonesia. In the meantime, safe tourist destinations are being prepared in compliance with health protocols. The steps to apply for the Indonesian e-Visa are as follows:

1. Visit https://visa-online.imigrasi.go.id/

2. Register
- Enter data and upload required documents (individual/ corporation)
- Wait for the email notification which contains the username and password

3. Apply for Visa
- Log in using the username and password
- Select the type of visa you wish to apply for, enter data, and upload required documents
- Make PNBP payments (Make sure the data and documents are correct. If the application is rejected, the payment shall not be refunded)
- If the application is approved, a notification will be sent via email

The application for e-Visa can be submitted from wherever the applicant is. The verification process will be quick, which is 3  (two) - 5 (five) working days, and then the visa will be sent to the applicant. In order to cut bureaucratic procedures, the applicant and the guarantor will not be required to appear in person and the visa will be sent directly via email. Once the foreign citizens (WNA) receive their e-Visa, they can immediately travel to Indonesia. 

ICSCA Invitation Letter

1. The invitation letter will be issued after the successful registration.

2. Your name must be listed exactly as it appears on your passport. Any differences between the name on your passport and the name on your invitation letter or other documentation could lead to a delay and/or denial of your visa.

3. Please note ICSCA Conferences and the organizing committee of the conference are not authorized to assist with the VISA process beyond providing the Notification of Invitation Letter issued by ICSCA Conferences and conference Committee Board. Should your application be denied, ICSCA Conferences and the organizing committee of the conference cannot change the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor will ICSCA Conferences and the organizing committee of the conference engage in discussion or correspondence with the MOFA or the Embassy on behalf of the applicant. The registration fee cannot be refunded when the VISA application of individual being denied.

4. It takes around one month for the Embassy to process the VISA application, please register as early as you can to make sure you have enough time.