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Special Session 1: ICT Applications in Healthcare and Medicine

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(Select Special Session 1: ICT Applications in Healthcare and Medicine)

Welcome to the "ICT Applications in Healthcare and Medicine" track at the 13th International Conference on Software and Computer Applications (ICSCA 2024). This track focuses on the transformative role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in healthcare and medicine, including key areas like medical image processing and artificial intelligence (AI).

In this track, we will explore how software and computer applications are reshaping patient care, medical research, healthcare management, and medical diagnostics. Topics will cover a spectrum from telemedicine and electronic health records to the cutting-edge advancements in AI-driven diagnostics and medical image processing.

This track offers a unique platform for academics, researchers, and practitioners to engage with the latest research, share their insights, and discuss the future implications of these technologies in healthcare. By bringing together diverse perspectives, we aim to foster collaboration and innovation in applying ICT to medicine and healthcare challenges.

Join us at ICSCA 2024 to be a part of this exciting and rapidly evolving field, where technology and healthcare intersect to improve patient outcomes and advance medical science.