Special Session: Prediction of Cancer with Medical Data

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The conference proper will take place at Feb 23-25 Kuantan, Malaysia and will feature a slate of presentations on the theme “Software and Computer Applications". As a part of this conference, in this special session, there will be a section where medical data can be used in computers and new academic and practical results can be discussed. It is open to any researcher working on and interested in all these issues.
The goal of this special session will provide a forum for focused discussions on cancer with different type of medical datasets or innovative applications of the established approaches.
The special session would address the particular of cancer researchers at computer science and software engineering, and consist of work done in this field.
This special session aims to provide the researchers with all the ways to use the computer for processing all kind of medical data not only in an intended way, but also for any purpose of such searches for medical data.
Researchers who actually apply the methods in many different ways have the best goals of finding the result with the highest accuracy and sometimes getting the fastest results to the result. These academic studies need to be put forward and discussed, and conveyed to other researchers.